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HCG is a naturally occurring chemical that is produced in the human body that helps it use fat more efficiently. According to renowned endocrinologist, Dr Simeons, HCG effectively sends signals to the brain to release & burn stored fat for energy. For years HCG was only available by injection. Now, with advanced science HCG is available in liquid sublingual drops that are put under tongue.

Dr. Simeons, armed with this knowledge, developed a protocol for weight loss in the 1950's using HCG and a low calorie diet which could be prescribed by a doctor. Those who used it because it allowed them to remain full and energetic while losing weight and fat praised the diet.

What is the HCG Diet?
  The HCG Diet is based off Dr. Simeons research & a new approach to obesity. Dr. Simeons discovered that HCG allowed dieters to eat a 500-calorie diet, not be hungry, and assists the body to release and mobilize fat to burn for energy. Dr. Simeon's HCG protocol utilizes HCG to assist in resetting the hypothalamus, Pituitary, and Pineal Axis, so you are able to keep the weight off. 
Why Homeopathic HCG?
Homeopathy is based on both physical ingredients that you can see and resonance/frequencies that you cannot see. This method allows HCG to be sold without a prescription and taken orally allowing it to be available to more people.  Most people report great results when using HCG Diet Drops with the HCG protocol, losing up to 1-2 lbs a day. Depending on the length of the regiment, people have lost up to 45 pounds in one 40-day cycle, and many go back and complete the process again to lose over 100 pounds in total. It is no wonder, with such great results, why the HCG Diet is as popular as it is.  Who wouldn't want to lose weight without feeling the normal hunger pangs associated with dieting? 

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I had tried a lot of different weight loss programs before coming to Fitness Zone, but I always felt deprived. I felt tired, sluggish, and disappointed in myself. I knew that I had to get the weight off, and that I could, I just needed a better plan, accountability, and support. I was surprised I found the HCG Weight Loss plan to be very easy follow, and I enjoyed the supplements. I did not feel deprived or depressed as I had always felt before when I was on a diet! Now that I have reached my goal, I feel that I am at my best, and I feel secure and more confident. I have more confidence to do things that I had put off for a long time, like going out or putting on a bathing suit. I want to tell others that you can do it if your mind is set to it! The HCG Diet can help you. You will have lots of energy, and you will never feel deprived! I lost 52 lbs in 40 days using this weight loss program. I highly recommend this program to anyone seriously interest in losing fat and getting their life back. Amy M.
Here's how and why we can make you this promise...

My name is Jeff MacConnie and I am Specialist in Human Performance and a Body Transformation Expert on fat loss. I've helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds over the past 6 years with this program.

This weight loss program is going to give you all the supplements, coaching and blueprint to be successful!
I thought that I had hit rock bottom, because my weight was affecting every aspect of my life. Thanks to Jeff and the HCG Diet, I have been able to make some life changes that I never thought I could. Now that I have reached my goal, I feel terrific, healthy, and happy. Losing 34 lbs in 40-days has made it easier and more enjoyable to partake in all my hobbies and interests. I feel awesome!! Thank you, Jeff, for helping me reach my goal! Marie K.
Every day you wait is another day you suffer with your weight and not getting the body you want.
The best part of this diet is that I feel so good today, and knowing that I will feel even better next week and even better the week after that… It really keeps me going!! Rebecca S.
9 out of 10 people fail at losing weight without a coach.

According to static’s 9 out of 10 fail with out an expert coach. Why? Because they lack the knowledge of weight loss, and they have no accountability to anyone.

In Fact, Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get...

* You will get access to my private cell phone number for any questions you have.

* You will have access to weekly consultations, weigh-ins and measurements to track your progress on your fat loss journey. I am here to make sure you succeed.

* You'll skip past all the mistakes you made in the past and have a proven blueprint to successful weight lose.

* You'll know exactly how to succeed with this plan, even if you are nervous, and I'm here to help you and answer any questions you have.

I lost 60 lbs in 40 days. I feel great and I sleep Better. Dan C.
* You'll be energized and excited everyday as you see the scale go down 1-2 lbs per day.

* The scale and tape measurements don't lie! You will see weight loss of 7 lbs in the first week

* When your close fit looser, think about how good you'll feel about yourself.

* When you have more energy, think about all the things you can do that you been missing out on.

*See yourself getting all the attention and complements on how awesome you look.

 *Look awesome in you bathing suit that you haven’t worn in years!
I felt overweight, tired, and very uncomfortable before coming to Fitness Zone. I wanted to look and feel better and get off my medications. I felt that the cost of the HCG weight loss program was reasonable considering my health issues and Jeff's HCG Weight Loss program's success rates. I was surprised that on the HCG Diet program the weight started falling off and my clothing sizes kept getting smaller! The thing I liked best about the HCG Diet program was the encouraging help that Jeff gave me. Now that I have reached my goal, I have more energy and feel healthier. Losing weight has given me a totally new perspective and the knowledge that I can do more than come home and vegetate. I can be more active again! Thank you, Jeff, for helping me get my life and health back to where I am in charge! Jim M.
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To Your Success, Jeff MacConnie, CFT, SPN, CLC, CH / Owner

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Check out some of our clients awesome results below!!!
Look at weight and inches lost!!
These results are life changing!
Diane S.
Lost 24 lbs Total Weight
Lost 19 Lbs fat
Lost 5.5" abs
Lost 3.25" hips
Lost 7.8% body fat
Joe N.
Lost 36 lbs total weight
Lost 42 lb fat
Lost 9 " abs
Lost 13% body fat
Kendle P.
Lost 20 lbs total weight
Lost 16 lbs total fat
Lost 6.8% body fat
Lost 4" abs
Lost 2.75" hips
Laura G.
Lost 25 lbs total weight
Lost 35 lbs fat
Lost 11.6% body fat
Lost 6.75" abs
Lost 4.75" hips
Lindsy B.
Lost 39 lbs total weight
Lost 43 lbs fat
Lost 10.6% body fat
Lost 7.25 abs
Lost 4.25 hips
Lisa S.
Lost 16 lbs total weight
Lost 16 lbs fat
Lost 5.2% body fat
Lost 3.5" abs
Lost 4" hips
Marin P.
Lost 25 lbs total weight
Lost 22 lbs fat
Lost 6% body fat
Lost 4.25" abs
Lost 2.5" hips
Melissa S.
Lost 15 lbs total weight
Lost 12 lbs fat
Lost 6% body fat
Lost 3.5" abs
Lost 3" hips
Scott D.
Lost 30 lbs total weight
Lost 25 lbs fat
Lost 4% body fat
Lost 3.25" abs
Sue M.
Lost 33 lbs total weight
Lost 28 lbs fat
Lost 8.7% body fat
Lost 6.25" abs
Lost 3.5" hips
Tara D.
Lost 18 lbs total weight
Lost 27 lbs fat
Lost 7.9% body fat
Lost 3.5" abs
Lost 3.75" hips
Michelle M.
Lost 14 lbs total weight
Lost 15 lbs fat
Lost 6.7 % body fat
Lost 3" abs
Lost 3.5" hips
Tom B.
Lost 31 lbs total weight
Lost 25 lbs fat
Lost 7% body fat
Lost 5.5" abs
Gary P.
Lost 22 lbs total weight
Lost 20 lb fat
Lost 7% body fat
Lost5.5" abs
Heather R.
Lost 20 lbs total weight
Lost 21 lbs fat
Lost 4" abs
Lost 3" hips
Jodi R.
Lost 23 lbs total weight
Lost 25 lbs fat
Lost 9% body fat
Lost 6.5" abs
Lost 3.25" hips
      Fernada G
Lost 17 lbs total weight
Lost 19 lbs fat
Lost 7.2% body fat
Lost 2.5” abs
Lost 3.75” hips
Lost 1” arm
Lost 1.75” leg
Gained 2 lbs lean mass
Amy M
Lost 51 lbs total weight
Lost 58 lbs fat
Lost 20% body fat
Lost 12” abs
Lost 8” hips
Lost 6” leg
Gained 7 lb lean mass
Annalisa B
Lost 20 lbs total weight
Lost 32 lbs fat
Lost 7.5% body fat
Lost 3.75” abs
Lost 3.75” hips
Lost 1.5” arm
Lost 2.5” leg
Bruno P
Lost 24 lbs
Lost 5” abs
Lost 5% body fat

Joanne P.
Lost 20 lbs
Lost 3.5% body fat
Lost 2.75” abs
Lost 1.5” hips
Al Z
Lost 26 lbs
Lost 5% body fat
Lost ¾” neck
Lost 6.75 abs
Elaine H.
Lost 31 lbs total weight
Lost 36 lbs fat
Lost 8% body fat
Lost 4.5” abs
Lost 3.75” hips
Gained 5 lbs lean mass
Ken T.
Lost 31 lbs
Lost 7% body fat
Lost 4.75” abs
Hillel W.
Lost 41 lbs
Lost 5% body fat
Lost 4.75” abs
Kristen F.
Lost 30 lbs total weight
Lost 34 lbs fat
Lost 10% body fat
Lost 4.75” abs
Lost 4.5” hips
Lost 2.75” leg
Gained 4 lbs lean mass
Dani S.
Lost 23 lbs
Lost 5% body fat
Lost 3.25” abs
Danny C.
Lost 64 lbs
Lost 5%
Lost 6.25” abs

Jim S
Lost 35 lbs 
Lost 7% body fat
Lost 6” abs
Nancy C.
Lost 22 lbs total weight
Lost 17 lbs fat
Lost 8% body fat
Lost 5” abs
Lost 3.25” hips
Lost 3” chest
Lost 2.75” leg
Lost 1.25” arm
Glenn G.
Lost 23 lbs total weight
Lost 21 lbs fat
Lost 7% body fat
Lost 4.75” abs
Lost ½ neck
Pat C.
Lost 68 lb total body weight
Lost 68 lbs Fat
Lost 9% body fat
Lost 1.5“ neck
Lost 7.5” abs
Kelli D
Lost 24 lbs total weight
Lost 22 lbs fat
Lost 5.5% body fat
Lost 3.75” abs
Lost 2.75” hips
Lost 1” arm
Lost 2.25” leg
Mary Kate D
Total weight lost 34 lbs
Total fat lost 38 lbs
Lost 9% body fat
Lost 5” abs
Lost 3.75” hips
Lost 1.25” arm
Lost 2.75” leg